Use Lemon To Caring For Your Nails

Nails like hair as body jewellery that we should not ignore and should be treated properly. Especially for women, nails are usually the part that is often done treatment. The main function of the nail is to protect the fingertips, which the finger has a soft texture and full of nerves. Nails reflect cleanliness and represent health in general. For those of you who love to paint your nails, visit our website to get NAIL ART IDEAS.

Nails that are not properly treated will also be bad and may be overgrown with illness. At least we are diligent to clean it, especially from the dirt-nail. Lemons contain natural bleach that is useful to whiten and brighten your nail colour. How to apply lemon slices to the nail then let stand for a few minutes. Once dry, wipe with water. The nails will look cleaner and also shiny by using this method. This method can also be used to remove yellowish stains due to the wrong nail polish in use.