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Addressing and Detecting Bone Disorders in Children

There are several types of congenital bone disorder. Generally, causes disorders of calcium metabolism. The formation of the bones of her unborn child if the mother calcium deficiency disturbed. We know the formation of bones and teeth need adequate calcium. Congenital bone disorder there is apparent from the outside, the more invisible. Osteomalacia cases, for example. Bone deformities may change the structure of the bones, or bones are sticking together.

Other types of bone disorders may be the formation of ribs, or spine is not perfect so the structure of the spine is not straight. We call scoliosis, Spine structure tilted to one side. Usually will be some tests and examinations when their abnormalities in the spine, but it’s good if you do detect early and following corso manipolazioni vertebrali method.

Spinal structures also become abnormal when the abnormal formation of the hip bone. Thus the curved spine becomes exaggerated either curved forward or curved back. We see, in side view, having several curved spines. Starting from the neck, back and waist have three arches. With their body weight divided this arch on an arch structure that serves as a spring as well. If scoliosis has not been detected, structural abnormalities of the spine may only appear after the child begins to walk. Standing boys seemed not perfect. Or steps seem lame when hip bone structure lopsided. Sooner or later, scoliosis needs to be corrected if to disturb the surrounding vital organs, particularly the spinal cord. The emphasis, or spinal cord clamping can occur if there is an abnormal vertebral shape, as well as due to a disturbance of bone structure.