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Data Managed in a Hotel Management System

Nowadays, there are a lot of hotel management systems in the market. For the example, you may take a look at one of them on https://www.anandsystems.com/. However, in spite of that, the basic functions of such a system are the same from one to another. There are several basic functions of a hotel management system and one of them is to manage all the data about the business of the hotel. The data that the system manages are as follows:

–    Rates & types of the rooms: Recording rates and the type of room rental rates that existed at the hotel.
–    Room: Recording the numbers of the rooms at the hotel accompanied by the price of capital, selling price rates.
–    Room facilities: Registering the existing facilities in each room, listing the complete menu of the foods and beverages which are available in the restaurant and the mini bar along with a list price or capital. Subscribers will be given in the form of a bill printed by the printer.
–    Bank of the data of all the guests: a list of names of those that have been stayed.