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Alternative Medicine for Diabetes

Treatment for diabetes can be done in several ways of treatment. There are 3 kinds of ways to treat diabetes that can be done is traditional treatment, herbal like Obat Herbal Diabetes and alternative treatments. The effects of these treatments can vary from person to person. This time we will explain alternative treatments:

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a widely practised treatment in China. Treatment is done by stabbing a small needle into a particular point of interest to reduce pain in diabetics. Acupuncture is done to deal with nerve complaints that often occur in diabetics. The effect of this treatment is to overcome the blood sugar levels are too high.

2. Foods Containing Magnesium

One study showed that magnesium deficiency can increase blood sugar levels for diabetics. Magnesium deficiency can disrupt the production of insulin in the pancreas. To overcome this problem then can use diet foods that contain magnesium.