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The Automatic Night Shut-Off of Rhythm Clock

In the time that everything becomes so modern, the numbers of clocks today have been equipped with the modern technology. One of the modern technology is the use of a light sensor in the Rhythm clocks. The light sensor will work as the sensor which can make a great thing on your rhythm clock. It can detect the light with the ambient level and restrict the clock to play the melody when the room is dark. However, it needs to be noted that clock should be placed in the good area to make it work properly based on your needs. The followings are the step to customize your rhythm clock:

–  Remove the battery cover

Removing your battery cover is the first thing that you need to do before you set your rhythm clock. Remove it firmly to make sure that you are not making the mistake by damaging it with your careless removal. Put the batteries on it and make sure the batteries are inserted properly, For a suggestion, you may need to choose the high quality battery.

– Set the time

Before you are installing the battery, one thing that you need to consider is to set the time. Make sure that the time is actual. You can set it by turning a knob that is on the back of the rhythm clock, or for the digital you can set it on the button available on the internet.

–  Set the time to play melody

If you want to set the melody, please make sure the time that you want the clock playing the melody. Then you can set the melody in by tuning the clockwise. When you set the time, the clock will ring chimes until you set or reach the desired time.

That’s all the steps to set the rhythm clock and make sure that you have the quality rhythm clock which your life valuable.