Some Of The Concepts Of General Marketing

General marketing has several concepts for a company. Some of the concepts, then, are as follows:

a. Needs and desires

It is important to distinguish where the needs, wishes and requests. Human needs is an absence of some of the satisfaction of the most basic, such as man in desperate need of food, clothing and shelter, for example there are also other needs such as security, property rights and so on. The needs cannot be created by the community as well as marketers, but they constitute a biological nature and conditions or situations of the consumer himself. Besides humans always want a variety of things in order to feel satisfied for example like wanting to do a recreation or sightseeing, education and a wide variety of services.

b. Product

The products constitute an offer to be divided into three categories, which include goods, services, and ideas. All products produced by manufacturers is something that is offered to the consumer to be able to meet their needs.

c. Value, cost and satisfaction

In this case depends on the thinking of each customer to the product used to meet their needs. For example a student to satisfy and meet their needs when going to school he chose to use public transport or private vehicles. If the students use public transport such as buses shortcomings may be a little slower but safer, while using private vehicles such as motorcycles will be faster but less secure. In each of the last product if observed will have different satisfaction in meeting the needs of each customer depending on the idea.

d. Exchange and transaction

If the requirements have been agreed by both parties then the exchange will take place. Exchanges should be seen as a process. Both sides will engage in an exchange if it leads to a deal. If you’ve reached an agreement, the transaction will occur.

e. Relationships and networks

Marketing relationship is a transaction to satisfy key stakeholders for example, such as customers, suppliers and dealer where the goal is to maintain long-term business. While the results of relationship marketing is to develop a wide range of unique assets owned by the company which are usually referred to as network marketing. Network marketing is generally comprised of the company again and the parties have a wide range of interests such as consumers, workers, suppliers, distributors etc.

f. Market

The market consists of buyers or consumers who have specific needs that might need are available and able to carry out the exchange of value, so it can happen transactions to satisfy their needs. The market size depends on the number of consumers who want to satisfy their needs and resources in exchange for what they need.