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Cheeks and Lips add your Beautiful By Nature

As a woman, you certainly need to know HOW TO APPLY YOUR MAKEUP make it look natural, especially on the cheeks and lips. Cheek is the next concern should you think. To give the impression of more prominent on the cheeks, you should apply the use of blush. Color blush used for natural makeup is a natural color that is not too flashy. The blush on the selected color such as pink, light brown or even orange light. The color of the sweep of blush can add a natural feel to the cheek. You can apply the blush to do the trick “sunken cheeks” or smile to get the line of cheekbones that would be a wash. The basis of the use of makeup with a natural style is on the selection of soft colors and avoid the use of striking colors. Those are some tips to learn basic natural makeup for beginners.

Skills can be further trained to wear makeup if done continuously. The more frequently practiced, you will know the tricks to cover your face. You should adjust the thickness of the makeup for every occasion so that your appearance is always according to the event that you attend. You should choose a lipstick with natural colors and not too flashy. A lipstick color that is usually used as the pink or red color that is not too flashy. Another alternative that can be used color is light brown, orange, and peach. You should avoid using colors bolder. To keep maintain the quality of the lipstick is used, you can apply lip gloss after applying lipstick. This lip gloss can also add a full impression on the lips. The procedure for using makeup with natural style is basically an emphasis on natural impression on the face. So that it can reduce the impression of a face that looks heavy because makeup is a mess.